Enhanced Citizen Outreach And Engagement With The Latest Technologies

City Reach software, developed by PM AM, harnesses the power of PM AM’s Core Four Pillars to redefine how your city engages with its residents.

City Reach offers an intuitive user interface and robust functionalities that revolutionize the way your city operates. It elevates citizens’ awareness through messages and alerts, streamlines social media analysis, and caters to the newest demographics entering Cities.

With City Reach, your city gains the capability to communicate directly with targeted audiences, even down to individual households, eliminating the risk of inundating citizens with irrelevant information and surveys on one side of the city.

The platform also enhances real-time, two-way contact with Citizens interacting with social media platforms, like Facebook. Rather than spending hours collating and reviewing the latest posts, let City Reach do the work for you.

City Reach also acknowledges the growing millennial demographic in cities by extending website functions, including 311 requests, to social media platforms, thereby bringing city services directly to residents.

In conclusion, City Reach empowers your department to stay seamlessly connected with today’s tech-savvy residents, employing cutting-edge tools that maximize efficiency while minimizing manual effort.

PM AM Core Four Pillars

Business Intelligence (BI)

Without context and visualization, data frequently lacks usefulness and relevance. City Reach uses Business Intelligence to provide cities with actionable insights that go beyond raw data.

Whether it is representing social media posts analysis in dashboard form or creating a Citizen outreach map, the technology is designed to handle massive datasets quickly, which would normally take days or even weeks to evaluate thoroughly. It then delivers this information in a user-friendly format in real time.

Value Add
Empower your organization with the latest technologies for enhanced citizen outreach and engagement. Revolutionize your approach to public interaction.
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