Elevating customer behavior insights through AI-powered video analytics

Leveraging store camera data to inform your business strategies
Foot Traffic Analysis

Acquire Valuable Customer Behavior Insights and Optimize Your Store Operations.

Customize your store for higher revenue.

"Read Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, post on linkedin about our i3Di Implementation."

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Outage Management
About Overview

Optimize Inventory management and merchandising and prevent costly leakages by ensuring your aisles are always stocked.

Manufacturers and stores both benefit from the otherwise lost dollars

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Targeted Marketing

Leveraging in-store customer insights acquired through i3Di empowers marketing to fine-tune their spending for precise outreach, ultimately ensuring a revenue increase.

Read an Interview with our CEO Mr. Pankaj Kumar published at Insight.tech

About Overview
Point of Sales Integration
About Overview

Analyse much more than what your point of sales data offers you. Know which group/demographics of shoppers buy which products and at what price, who purchases your most profitable products , when do they visit and other products they buy.

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